Friday, February 1, 2008

Canvassing People For A Big Ron Paul Super Tuesday

There has been a lot of talk about who the Ron Paul supporters should be targeting while Canvassing.  While this is extremely debatable, I would like to include some of my own input.  Let me first begin that it really doesn't matter who you speak to, what matters is how you should approach them

  1. NEVER mention anything outside of THE ISSUES AT HAND.

    If you want people to vote for Ron Paul, then don't come off like a whack job to them by promoting your own theories such as "the government cannot be trusted," "the media cannot be trusted." You are hurting the campaign by saying these things...  even Ron Paul himself said stick to the issues at hand.  Stick to the issues that favor Ron Paul, such as the economy and the falling dollar, how Ron Paul wants to put an end to the IRS and fix the economy, end the war in Iraq and bring the troops home because it was unconstitutional and return our country's liberties back to the people, etc. etc.

  2. NEVER disrespect their right to Privacy by asking them who they are voting for.

    This is a very private matter for some people and many do not like to discuss who their candidate is.  If you do this, it will automatically put them on the defensive and likely close the window of opportunity towards any kind of rational discussion. The best way to start off your introduction is to introduce yourself with a smile, tell them you are a supporter for the Ron Paul Campaign and you only want to take 60 SECONDS of their time and provide them with some input on Ron Paul.
    Saying 60 seconds rather one minute of their time seems more subtle to them and less intruding especially since "One minute of your time" is now a label for "5 minutes of your time," (thanks to door-to-door salesmen) in which case, many people do not have 5 minutes.

  3. NEVER be rude.

    If they mention something along the lines of, "I'm voting for McCain and Ron Paul seems crazy," then do not take offense nor get upset. In fact, this is a great time to layout the facts, because now you can pull out your McCain media clippings and tattoo their brain with "Well, I'm sure Senator McCain is a fine man indeed, however, did you know that he himself even admitted that he needs to be more educated on the Economy?  That he really doesn't have a solution for fixing the economy, but rather is more likely to rely upon his advisors to fix the economy -- which is kind of like the whole Bush and Cheyney thing with foreign policy, and we all know how well that turned out. Plus, did you also know that he wants to leave the troops in Iraq, even if it takes up 100 years?

    Then use a rebuttal, such as "Yet Ron Paul wants to end the war in Iraq, aside from the fact that it's unconstitutional, the money we'd save would help bring the dollar back up and boost the economy."  I am sure you get the picture.

  4. NEVER go over your time limit to try to convince someone.

    You've got 60 seconds to lay it out there.  60 seconds is powerful and can really make someone more aware.  It's really all you need to start a discussion.  If you can't hold their interest in that time frame, then say "Thank you for your time and please visit the web site if you have more questions."  However, you'll soon realize that many people will actually start asking you questions regarding his campaign.  This is what you want and feel free to take as long as you need if this is the case -- but if you can't get that curiosity, then move along after 60 seconds.  You must remember, this is a numbers game -- the more people that know about Ron Paul, the better.  Don't waste time on people that don't care to listen. Keep it moving.

  5. ALWAYS be prepared.

    Have yourself a notebook of Ron Paul's policies. Have pamplets, the web site address on hand, Call4Paul phone numbers, etc. Know the issues that favor Ron Paul backwards and forwards. Have some information (ammo) on the other candidates running as well and include some rebuttals organized on notecards for certain issues.  Know this, people will likely ask you about certain issues or challenge you on other aspects that you may not have the answers to. If this is the case, then simply say "I don't have that information off hand, but any questions I cannot answer are availble on the web site." This information is important.  You cannot look like a salesman who's trying to sell them to Ron Paul -- or else your word means nothing.  Don't lie if you don't have all the answers -- just redirect them to a better source of information.

Now, as for WHO to approach, again it's debatable.  However, let me layout the statistics for you again and maybe this will help you make your decision.

Of the 142 million people who reported that they were registered to vote in 2004, Young adults constituted 13 percent of the total voting-age.  That's approximately 18.5 million voters.  In comparison, adults aged 55 and older composed 31 percent, which is approximately 44 million voters.  The average percentage of young voters is always around 8-14%, while the average percentage of older voters is always around 30-35%.  If you could persuade only 10% of the young voters to vote for Ron Paul, that would be 1.8 million voters.  That would be 1 out of every 10.  However, in comparison, you would only have to persuade 1 out of every 24 people when it comes to the older generation to get the same number of voters.  Sounds better, right?

So, in my opinion, it is best to go after the older generation of voters (55+).  It is what he is lacking in at this very moment.  So get out there and canvass!!

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