Friday, February 8, 2008

Romney's Out! Ron Paul, Do We Have A Problem?

Lots of talk in Ron Paul land about Romney dropping out. What will happen?  What are we to do? Does this effect our plan of a brokered convention? Will McCain get the 51% majority now? Is Romney really out or did he just suspend his campaign? Will Huckabee face the challenge? Did I smoke too much doobage?!! And the survey says -- DING! -- You smoked too much doobage!

Let us first begin with Romney. Regardless of what you all think, whether it's only a suspension or what have you, let's get something clear... he's out!

But THEY say he was forced out for the party's sake... THEY say the party is doing everything they can to avoid a brokered convention... THEY say he pulled out because of financial reasons... THEY say -- Yah, yah, yah... they say this and they say that! THEY seem to talk a lot, don't THEY?

Well I say, "Who cares what THEY say?!!" Stop listening to them and just move on, we've got work to do!

Ok, we've established that Romney's out. He ran a good campaign -- and for whatever reason, he's out. Now we must focus on how we can take advantage of this situation -- because this is a HUGE advantage people!  Wake up and smell the coffee!  Not only is it a three man race now, but there will be A LOT more voters available. We need to stick to our game plan, which is GET MORE VOTES! With Romney out, we need to do everything we can to spread the word and share some of the same ideals that Romney shared with Ron Paul.  Granted, they didn't see eye to eye on many things, but they did share some similar conservative policies. We should be printing up new fliers that target these ideals they both shared and passing them out to voters, because one of two things will happen to Romney's supporters now:

1. They will either support another candidate, or

2. They will not vote at all.

From the look in their forums, MANY will not be voting now. This is an excellent opportunity to get more voters.  Let us focus on the policies that they shared, as well introduce them to policies that Ron Paul stands alone for. Some ideals they shared were less spending, less government, no amnesty for illegal immigrants, etc. Policies I'd recommend to avoid would be IRAQ.  This is not wise, because Romney's reason for dropping out was due to keeping America safer by keeping the troops in Iraq and he didn't want to get in the way of helping the democrats win. New polices that you should share would be Ron Paul's end to the IRS -- no more taxes!  That's a great one to introduce new voters to due to the falling economy.

As for the future, whatever happens with Romney's delegates is left to be unsaid. It is possible that he may join forces with McCain and run with him as a VP. It is also possible that he will transfer his delegates to McCain in hopes McCain will get the majority.  However, we're still back at square one -- MCCAIN HASN'T WON YET, and since we do not know for sure, we should remain focused and go after the voters.  There are TONS OF VOTERS out there now people -- so rally up the troops, spread the word, make new fliers and get out there and canvass!  If Romney's voters were to swing in Ron Paul's favor, this is VERY GOOD NEWS, because there are still 20+ states left to vote and this is what we needed. Let's get the voters first and have patience - and most importantly, welcome the Romney supporters aboard.  We should not be celebrating Romney's decision by degrading his campaign or policies. After all, the worse thing we can do is turn off Romney supporters (voters) because we were behaving badly.

And for those thinking LESS CANDIDATES is not good because it's a shoe in for McCain and Ron Paul should consider running for 3rd party -- then you're basically saying that Ron Paul can't beat McCain at all.  The bottom line is, if Ron Paul cannot beat McCain in a head on race or at least compete with him on the same level, then what makes you think he even has a chance at 3rd party? Competing head on is great exposure -- so look at it that way! A third party run should be considered ONLY AS AN OPTION if McCain seals the nomination -- so let's wait and see, shall we?

Stick to the plan -- become delegates and get new voters! Also, probably the single most important thing we can all do now is continue to donate money to the campaign.  They need money, so please donate to them now -- we need this advantage! And pitch that to new voters as ell -- tell them if they want to stop McCain, they need to donate as well.  Don't wait for the money bombs -- do it now!!



Thursday, February 7, 2008

Brokered Convention GOP Nomination Five State Rule

Ok, so there is a lot of confusion as to how Ron Paul could pull off a victory at a brokered convention if he can't even participate.  Why wouldn't he be able to participate, you ask? Because there is a Gop Rule (click here to view the rules), Rule Number 40, paragraph (b) that gives the impression he would need to win five (5) states to participate in the convention. But this impression is incorrect. He doesn't have to win 5 states according to popular vote, he just needs to demonstrate a majority of delegates within 5 states that would vote for him. Please understand there other equations to this formula, but I am demonstrating the simplest and most likely to occur.  Let's break it down, shall we?

The Rule states:

(b) Each candidate for nomination for President of the United States and Vice President of the United States shall demonstrate the support of a majority of the delegates from each of five (5) or more states, severally, prior to the presentation of the name of that candidate for nomination.

Ok, there are two important phrases here: DEMONSTRATE THE SUPPORT and PRIOR TO THE PRESENTATION. What this means is if Ron Paul wins five (5) states according to the popular vote we see on the news, he's a shoe in, because that is enough demonstration and it was prior to the presentation for nomination. Fair enough, right?  Knowing this, any of the other candidates have nothing to worry about, because each of them has already won 5 states according to the popular vote.  But what about Ron Paul? He hasn't won any state according to popular vote, so he must be out right?  Wrong!  And hopefully you will begin to understand why.

The news is showing you a "guesstimation" of the delegates based on the popular vote. It makes sense too, because they are trying to keep as simple as possible for people because they just can't predict the future because nobody (delegates) has actually voted yet, therefore they are assuming that all the state delegates elected will vote for the candidate that won the state. But if they had to break it down further, then they would show you the REAL NUMBERS, whereby these numbers would reflect how many of these district delegates within each state would actually vote for which candidate. For example, in the state of Maine, Ron Paul won around 35% of the actual district delegate count within the districts. That was "way ahead of McCain." These district delegates then vote on who will represent the state, otherwise known as "state delegates." The state delegates then go to St. Paul and attend the convention and they are the ones who vote at the convention.

Now, if Ron Paul has won 35% of the actual district delegates, then don't you think they would vote for as many Ron Paul district delegates to become state delegates as possible?  And let's say Romney drop outs in a month BEFORE VOTING OCCURS and endorses McCain. He transfers all of his delegates to McCain. If the voting occurs in May for the state delegates, then suddenly many Romney District Delegates decide not to stick around anymore (which does occur, because why waste their own time, right?)  It's not that they don't like Mccain, but they just don't want to devote their time anymore because Romney was their guy...  so they call it quits and give up their positions -- and now up come the "Alternates". Now imagine if these alternates are again, RON PAUL SUPPORTERS.  The voting now occurs in May and Ron Paul ends up with 75% of the total state delegate count. This state was assumed to vote for Romney because he won the state by popular vote -- but now that he's dropped out, people think it will be a slam dunk for McCain because he supposedly gets the delegate support of the Romney team.  But as you can see, that is clearly NOT the case.  Since Maine is not a winner take all state, Ron Paul has just demonstrated he now has support from the state of Maine, because he has the majority of state delegates voting. Since the GOP isn't looking for FACTUAL PROOF and only looking for a demonstration, that's one state in the bag for Ron Paul.  Since the voting occurred in May -- it meets the rules because it happened PRIOR to the convention.

After these examples, I am sure you can see what can happen. But will it happen?  Yes, that is the big question my friends. Many nay sayers chant "Not a chance!"  And they could be right if Ron Paul doesn't get enough delegates to support him in the districts, as well as enough delegates to support him in the states. There is also the importance of needing candidates to drop out.  The more that drop out, the better -- but again, ONLY IF WE SUCCEED IN COLLECTING DELEGATES. Are we succeeding -- yes we are, because MANY SUPPORTERS are starting to understand and are signing up to be one.  It's all about the delegates and it's easy to be one as well, as long as you qualify.

So for those of you that really want Ron Paul to win but cannot donate money, then sign up to be delegates now! It's not difficult and believe it or not, you have the power to change the country. So the choice is yours -- and as I always say, don't blame Ron Paul or Grassroots if he doesn't win -- blame ourselves for not becoming delegates.  22 states have yet to vote, so get out there on the line and do something about it, because it ain't over and we still have a huge advantage, because all the other camps are laughing about the whole the delegate strategy -- I know, because I've seen it. 

Please understand there are more hurdles ahead that could prevent this from happening, but if we do our part, then trust me, Ron Paul is going to SHOCK AND ROCK the convention! So be a delegate!!  Have faith!

Click Here To Learn More About Becoming a Delegate For Your State

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ron Paul Supporters -- We're Still Here!


Super Tuesday turned out to be quite the spectacle, wouldn't you say? And if there is ANYTHING I have learned, it was that the MSM's (mainstream media) attempt at persuading the vote is NOT, and I repeat, NOT working! How do I know this? Isn't it obvious? Just look at Mike Huckabee.  Here's a guy who had very little media exposure and was also left out of the debates, right along side Congressman Paul.  Yes, sure, he had more media coverage than Ron Paul did, but it paled in comparison to McCain and Romney... speaking of which, Romney had a ton of media coverage.  As a matter of fact, just before Super Tuesday occurred, the MSM picked McCain and Romney to battle it out, and the only time they mentioned Huckabee's name was that he would likely pull votes from Romney's camp. Yet, here we are on Wednesday, and already the papers are screaming "Romney's Done!" or "McCain vs. Huckabee!"  What a difference a day makes, eh?

In evaluating all of this crap -- and that's exactly what it is, crap! -- one candidate still remains unvarnished... untouched by the media because, quite frankly, he's invisible to them. That candidate is Ron Paul. Is it bad that they are ignoring him?  Does it hurt his campaign? After the results of last night from what they were reporting, I am sure some of you might be thinking it was a good thing that they didn't mention his name once, right?  Yet in the midst of it all, I realized something -- the media is VERY SUCCESSFUL at creating NAY SAYERS stirring up the camp -- whether it's intentional or not.  Some of us are really buying into it as well.


Don't play into the game of the Ron Paul nay sayers.  Just look at the facts -- we need delegates to win the nomination.  If you want to help keep the movement alive, then just keep getting delegates, become a delegate, signup as a precinct leader, canvass and get people to vote for you!  This race isn't over yet -- I didn't hear there was a winner declared, did you?  Front runner, front runner, front runner -- yada yada yada!  Hmmm, let me see.. wasn't Giuliani a front runner at some point?  Remember him? They (the MSM) have been saying that for weeks -- and you know what, they keep getting it wrong because the people ARE DIFFERENT this time around, thanks to Ron Paul.  They won't let the media influence their vote.

Another point I want to mention was last night on CNN, Larry King actually got it right and started asking the right questions.  He asked a fellow political analyst, "I understand all this stuff that's going on -- but isn't it all about the delegates? Aren't they in control of who gets the nomination? And if yes, then who's really winning?"  The analyst replied, "Yes, that's true -- it's all about the delegates, but we have no idea what those numbers actually are because many will cast their real vote in the summer time.

Larry replied, "So it's fair to say that a lot can change between now and then, right?"  The analyst said, "Yes Larry, you are correct. From what we've seen thus far, it appears a lot can change if nobody can lock up the number of wins.  McCain has a lead, but he didn't really put anyone away.  It is apparent that one of the candidates needs to drop out if the GOP wants a decisive winner."

We need to stick together.  We can speak about our ideas, but let's do it with class rather than scream and blame the campaign for your disappointment. Don't start screaming TROLL at every person who has an idea different from your own -- and don't start screaming FLAGGERS if your ideas don't fly to well and your posts get deleted.  We must respect the property rights of the forum owners, and it's their right to do as they wish, not ours.  For us, it is simply a privilege to participate in their forums.  And if you are that passionate, then get a blog and get it out there -- like me.  My blog is only a week old and I get over 3000 visitors per day. Not sure how that happened -- but from my guess, it's because the revolution is everywhere.  So don't worry - you'll be heard!

In my opinion, Grassroots is doing an amazing job.  If you think you can raise more money then do it, but Ron Paul is OUR CANDIDATE, not yours alone; and as such, we have decided to support him based on his ideals, his message for freedom and his run for candidacy.  He represents us, but is in charge of his own candidacy.  We have placed our trust in him.  He does not wish (at this point) to run for a third party nomination, he has made that perfectly clear.  You can debate it all you want, send him an email and inform Grassroots about your beef with the way things are done; but the end result is, HE IS IN CHARGE.  It's his campaign -- and some can continue to support it (as I do and will) and some can go their separate ways.  But do not think for one second that HE OWES YOU ANYTHING -- he doesn't owe anybody a thing.  Because the truth is, right from the start we knew... that it was US who owed... WE OWED IT TO OURSELVES TO VOTE FOR HIM.

As a matter of fact, I'm really glad this happened!  Because now I'm mad as hell and now it is the time for us bitch-slap America and send the message "WE'RE STILL HERE!!"

I ask that all Ron Paul supporters unite and CELEBRATE!!  We don't need a money bomb to raise money -- we need to send a message to the world -- and it needs to be today, the day AFTER super Tuesday! 

Donate at least $10 today.  Just send $10 (no more, no less) to let Ron Paul know WE'RE STILL HERE!!  If all the supporters did this, it would send an amazing message to him and let him know that we're still here, that Super Tuesday didn't hide us in the shadows of defeat, but rather, raised us up in a moment of darkness!  $10 x 100,000 supporters = $1,000,000!  We have a lot more than 100,000 supporters -- so FIGHT DAMMIT!

I am sick of the all crap -- all of us turning against each other!  I am donating now!  How about you?!!




Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Super Tuesday Winner


So what is the strategy for Super Tuesday?  Who will win BIG on today's Super Tuesday of voting? Will it be Senator McCain? (The crowd begins to cheer!)  Will it be Governor Romney? (The crowd continues to cheer!) How about Governor Huckabee? (The crowd cheers again!) Or how about that US Constitutional guy... err... what's his name... Congressman... oh yah, Ron Paul? (The crowd starts to laugh!) -- Yes, sounds familiar, right? And so the media continues to report "who won what" and so on and so forth, with of course, no mentioning of that silly Congressman anywhere.

And as the Ron Paul supporters continue to fight back their tears while questioning, "How can this be? I don't get it! I thought we'd make a dent by now?!!", the Ron Paul Headquarters begins to board the "The Ron Paul Express Train", with nothing but confident smiles, because after all, you need a freight train to carry the message of freedom, and more importantly... ALL THE DELEGATES THAT COME WITH IT!!!

"I don't understand -- what do you mean?  He lost the delegates in the states because FOX NEWS reported it that way!" Yes, I know... and they also reported that Al Gore won as President -- or have you forgotten?  Isn't it funny how IGNORANT Fox News really is?  Well, I say ignorant and maybe that isn't really fair -- so let's just say that they choose to show their viewers what they want the people to see.  You see, the results we are seeing on TV is not really what is actually occurring, but the media likes to "dumb it down" for America because it would take too much time to explain how the Delegates really choose their candidate, and so they try and keep it simple.  And many people like simple -- because simple is good.  Heck, I like simple too.  However, sometimes keeping things too simple, as is the case with an election, can be very misleading. Yes I know, it sounds complicated and I was once there myself -- so allow me to further explain.

Have you heard of the expression that all of this is really a "Beauty Contest?" Well, this is true, because nothing is set in stone yet. The reason why the media is keeping it simple is because MANY of the states are a winner-take-all state, meaning if a candidate wins the popular vote of the state, they get to keep all the delegates that come with that state -- however, what the media isn't telling you (because statistically speaking, it's highly unlikely) is that ANY DELEGATE can change their mind and vote for whomever they want when it comes time at the convention -- which is when the voting REALLY MATTERS.

"I see.  But I still don't understand the whole primary/caucus thing, choosing delegates and how or why it's important?" Let me break that down for you in a nutshell.

First, let me describe what a Delegate is. Delegates are the people who you trust to do the voting at the GOP convention on your party's behalf, so to speak. So basically, you vote on a delegate who supports the candidate you want to win. Anyone can be a delegate as long they fulfill the requirements set out by the state. If you want to be a delegate (which is important to the Ron paul campaign), you can just announce it at the caucus meeting. But you have to bring enough people to vote for you to be a delegate. The more delegates you have in a district, the better, because then there are caucuses for state delegates -- whereby all the district delegates vote on who will be a state delegates. States are assigned a certain number of "state delegates" to represent the state, which is what the whole "Beauty Contest" is about -- it sort of help determines which candidate will receive those delegates. Since many states are a "winner takes all" -- this means that all the delegates will go to the popular vote winner, whereas some states award delegates by percentages.

A caucus is basically a convention held in districts whereby party members gather to hear speeches made about the candidates. The people that attend the caucus (which can be ANYONE) then vote for delegates to represent the candidates at the party's convention. Each district has a certain number of delegates, which depends on who gets voted by the people.  State rules and regulations do vary, as some only allow voters to participate in their party’s primary (such as you must be registered as a republican to vote in the republican primaries), while other states have no party restrictions and allow voters to participate in any single primary they choose. Now this is important to understand -- because the more delegates your candidate has, the better. And in MOST (if not all) situations, the turnout of these caucuses are spread so thin because very few people show up to be a delegate, that someone can utterly "steal" the victory away from the popular vote winner (if awarded by percentage) because they had more delegates in a certain district representing them.  An example would be Obama in Nevada, who lost by popular vote, but actually received more delegates because the districts by which he won had more delegates than Clinton did.  But we'll come back to this a little later.

Now a primary is what most of us are used to.  Voters go to the polls, select their candidate and help determine the percentage of the state's delegates. The person who wins the state (if by the winner-take-all policy) supposedly wins all the delegates too -- but here's the rub... do they really win all the delegates?  In a typical situation, this is likely the case. The percentages of a state's delegates are broken down to show how many delegates are from each of the candidates running.  For example, in Maine, Romney won the popular vote by a landslide right? Therefore, he is rewarded all the delegates of that state. McCain came in second with Ron Paul coming in a very close third place. However, Ron Paul had A LOT MORE DELEGATES that supported him than McCain did, so realistically speaking, Ron Paul came in second in the delegate count.  How is this important?  It isn't YET, but patience Grasshopper, and you will begin to see the light.

Ok, so I said I would come back to how someone can "steal" a victory. From what I know, this is how it works -- in a brokered convention, ANY STATE DELEGATE IS NOT BOUND TO VOTE FOR ANY PARTICULAR CANDIDATE. Did you get that? While they were selected to best represent their own candidate, what would happen if their candidate dropped out?  Their candidate would likely endorse another candidate, right? And it makes sense that the state delegates would support whomever their candidate endorsed, right? But here's where it gets sticky... would they really support whomever their candidate endorsed? A perfect example of that would have been Giuliani who endorsed McCain after he dropped out -- which should have added to the popular vote count for McCain to easily win the state of Maine since he had Giuliani supporters too, right?  But McCain lost to Romney.  As I said in a previous article, this is not a typical election and there is clearly no real front runner -- at least not what the media is making it out like.

It is my opinion that people are awake now and are not voting in the typical mannerisms of the past elections.  People are very angry right now, confused right now and are still unsure of who they would support -- but more important than that, they now understand that it's ok to change their minds and actually vote who's right for office rather than vote for who's right for the party.  If there was a clear front runner, then someone would have an enormous lead by now, yes? But this is not the case.  And according to the GOP rules, a candidate must enter the convention in September with 51% of the delegates from all the states or else the election will go to a brokered convention... and that is where the pay off will be, because delegates will now have to make things right by voting. BUT, the question is, "Who will they vote for?"

Is your eyebrow raising? Are you getting it yet?!! You're starting to smirk, aren't you? Yessssss, suddenly, all those supposed state delegates that the candidate "thought" he had in the bag from the states (according the media and beauty contests) now suddenly don't look too promising, because they (the delegates) now have the power, and more importantly, the right to change their mind.  Now here's the beauty of it all -- there is NOTHING anyone can do about it.

"Yes, I get it now, but c'mon, what are the odds these delegates will vote for Ron Paul?" Well, there is no guarantee -- but let's look at it this logically... this will likely create negative publicity for the so called "front runner", as this candidate will now be seen BY MANY PEOPLE as being weak, not to mention careless, because HE DIDN'T SEE IT COMING. And nobody wants a weak, let alone careless President. A brokered convention hasn't occurred since God knows how long ago - which is why many people still disagree and say it won't happen.  However, I believe the odds are in favor this year for one to happen, as do many others, and here's the funny part... if it does, can you imagine the media coverage on that one?  The media, all which completely blacked out Ron Paul, is actually responsible for making it all happen because he slipped in "under the radar."

This is why the likelihood of a 3rd party run by Ron Paul is not realistic nor in the playing cards. Statistically speaking, he has a better chance of getting those unsure delegates to vote for him than he would at getting a majority to win during a third party run for Presidency.  Third party runs are very expensive and get zero media coverage and aren't likely to be invited for debates -- but winning the Republican nomination gets him the best seat in the house, to relay his thoughts on the issues at hand and to eventually prove to America that he is the best choice for President.

So who's the big winner of Super Tuesday?  I think it's more like who's the big WEINER of Tuesday.  All Aboooooard!!!

Ron Paul Supporters - Act Like A Winner!

With Super Tuesday on the rise, I want to make one last point to all my fellow Ron Paul Supporters before they go to sleep.  I realize that many of you have to work tomorrow -- but if you can, CALL IN SICK... and here's why.  There's been a lot of talk, and I mean A LOT OF TALK about how crazy the Ron Paul supporters are -- perhaps even cultish. I'm sure you all know what I am talking about. Well, I don't know about you, but I want to squash that TALK right now!  It ends here -- on Super Tuesday!!

Tomorrow morning there could be some nasty weather in some of the places to vote, so I ask that all the Ron Paul supporters bring their thermos and fill them up with coffee, buy some paper cups and start handing them out to WHOEVER.  It doesn't matter if they're Romney Supporters, Clinton/Obama Supporters, Huckabee or McCain supporters -- just give them some coffee.  After all, we're all still Americans, and these voters may end up on our team some day.

Yes, it's time to elevate our game and be nice.  Quit the trash talking for now.  Quit the candidate bashing.  Just be nice.  Smile to people, wear a Ron Paul button and just ask them, "Would you like a cup of coffee?" Don't push his policies onto them UNLESS they ask -- just give them some coffee, smile and keep it at that.  Keep it simple, light and most important -- be polite.  We need to scrap the whole "Ron Paul Supporters are Psychotic!" and start being the men and women that other people want to be a part of.  We need the send the message out there where they start to think, "Hmm... why are they so happy when their candidate is losing?"

So I ask that if your state is voting tomorrow, then get up early and get out there with the thermos of coffee and some cups. Let us show the people that Ron Paul doesn't only have the most loyal supporters, but also the nicest.  Let people see what we are doing and let them discover WHY we are so willing to do it.  It's as simple as that.

The bottom line is this folks -- if Ron Paul doesn't win, it's because WE FAILED HIM, not the other way around.  Generosity doesn't cost any money and being kind never hurt anyone.  Let's make Ron paul proud of us!  Do it for the Paul!

Who's with me?!!  Digg the heck out of this post and let it grow fast so we spread this message to all the supporters out there!!!

We are winning and now we need to start acting like WINNERS!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Ron Paul Strategy - Why It's Working

Over the last few days, I have noticed some significant change in the support camp of Ron Paul.  Many people (myself included) are offering their opinions as to why their favorite candidate, Ron Paul, is not doing so well in the primaries.  There is a lot of talk right now about forming a new strategy, from "Ron Paul should run as a third party candidate" to "Ron Paul needs a debate coach." Whether or not we the people agree, we the people seem to share the same enthusiasm -- which is, GET RON PAUL ELECTED. And while some may be discouraged for winning any states thus far, I would like to offer everyone my own conclusion based on not how or what the strategy is -- but WHY IT'S WORKING. This might just help clear the air for many who continually support the campaign.

Whether or not you agree with all of Ron Paul's message, there is one thing that separates Ron Paul from any other candidate... and that is Ron Paul IS THE MOST RESPECTED CANDIDATE out there.  And while many may support other candidates in the primaries, there is a trend that has been emerging over the last few months or so and it's growing more and more rapidly each day. I offer you to travel all over the internet to different camps, from Hillary Clinton, Obama, Romney, McCain and Huckabee and analyze what their supporters are talking about.  At ALL OF THEIR FORUMS, you will see discussions of the other candidates. Many people (and rightfully so) are boosting their candidate while trying to rip apart the other candidates.  McCain country wants to annihilate Romney headquarters, Clinton followers want to expose Obama, and so on and so on.  But they all have one thing in common -- in every single camp, you will find MANY non Ron Paul supporters, regardless of who they support, actually RESPECT WHAT RON PAUL STANDS FOR.  In fact, many of the supporters from the other campaigns, especially the Democrats, even said they WOULD CONSIDER VOTING FOR RON PAUL if their candidate didn't win rather than vote for the "other guy." 

That's a pretty powerful message, wouldn't you agree?  A Democrat voting for a Republican just because they hate the other nominee from the same party so much? The same thing goes for the Republicans. And while I am sure MANY of these forum threads will disappear quickly due to me exposing them to the voting world, it doesn't hide the fact that this is exactly what is occurring in the camps throughout the primaries. People are READY to move to someone else -- and MANY are thinking about Ron Paul because they absolutely despise the other candidates -- and that's putting it lightly compared to some of the posts I've read. They still don't think he can win, but it makes them feel good about voting for someone they respect who would do a better job than to vote for someone they despise just because they're from the same party or they're favored to win.

So why is this occurring?  What is dividing the voters amongst Democrats and Republicans?  I have two words for you -- Ron Paul. Congressman Paul has done something that is ALREADY CHANGING AMERICA. He is reminding people to look up the Constitution, and in the words of the beloved Yoda, "We must unlearn what we have learned." The people of America are doing exactly that.  They are learning the choices we have about FREEDOM and what made our country so great. They are learning that we need to choose someone that we really think will do a great job in office.  That it's not about sticking with your party and voting for the "The Party" no matter what.  That it's ok to change sides.  That it's ok to choose the best candidate.  But most importantly, to serve and do what's right for "We the People." It's even catching on to people in office, such as Governor Schwarzenegger warning Republicans, "Every decision has to be based on what is the best for the people, how can I serve the people, rather than how can I serve my party."

Over the last few decades, no other primary race has been this undecided before.  Even with the big turnout on the much anticipated Super Tuesday, many still believe a front runner won't be decided.  And while Ron Paul may not be winning states, he is collecting delegates and winning at something much more important...  Freedom and respect of the American people. His strategy IS WORKING. And when you see your favorite candidate build an alliance with another candidate for sake of the party, which could likely happen as the media is already rumoring the possibility of McCain/Huckabee vs. Clinton/Obama, remember this -- THEY HAD NO CHOICE BECAUSE THEY ARE SERVING THE PARTY, NOT THE PEOPLE. But the people are awake now, thanks to Ron Paul...  and one things for certain, there isn't any supporter out there in any of the camps who wouldn't feel betrayed if their candidate were to team up with the very person they despised. 

Yes, freedom is a wonderful thing...  and along with that, will come the votes swinging to Ron Paul in due time, whether by brokered convention or by a third party run (which may not occur, so do not get your hopes up.) The Ron Paul strategy is working, and in fact, it's working quite beautifully if you ask me.  And believe it or not, much of it was helped by the media blackout.  It forced candidates to sling mud at each other while Ron Paul just -- well, he just wasn't there!  Let the media expose the "Dream Teams" and start to fuel the fire I say.  Let them further hold TV debates to questions for the Dream Team candidates by their supporters who simply ask "Why?!!" And we'll all be here, welcoming them with open arms because we know what it felt like before we discovered the truth. Then they'll be free to join the bandwagon of true democracy and freedom -- to devote themselves in support of Ron Paul.

Bottom line -- Who would have thought that such a simple thing known as the truth could win an election? Ron Paul, that's who....

Friday, February 1, 2008

Canvassing People For A Big Ron Paul Super Tuesday

There has been a lot of talk about who the Ron Paul supporters should be targeting while Canvassing.  While this is extremely debatable, I would like to include some of my own input.  Let me first begin that it really doesn't matter who you speak to, what matters is how you should approach them

  1. NEVER mention anything outside of THE ISSUES AT HAND.

    If you want people to vote for Ron Paul, then don't come off like a whack job to them by promoting your own theories such as "the government cannot be trusted," "the media cannot be trusted." You are hurting the campaign by saying these things...  even Ron Paul himself said stick to the issues at hand.  Stick to the issues that favor Ron Paul, such as the economy and the falling dollar, how Ron Paul wants to put an end to the IRS and fix the economy, end the war in Iraq and bring the troops home because it was unconstitutional and return our country's liberties back to the people, etc. etc.

  2. NEVER disrespect their right to Privacy by asking them who they are voting for.

    This is a very private matter for some people and many do not like to discuss who their candidate is.  If you do this, it will automatically put them on the defensive and likely close the window of opportunity towards any kind of rational discussion. The best way to start off your introduction is to introduce yourself with a smile, tell them you are a supporter for the Ron Paul Campaign and you only want to take 60 SECONDS of their time and provide them with some input on Ron Paul.
    Saying 60 seconds rather one minute of their time seems more subtle to them and less intruding especially since "One minute of your time" is now a label for "5 minutes of your time," (thanks to door-to-door salesmen) in which case, many people do not have 5 minutes.

  3. NEVER be rude.

    If they mention something along the lines of, "I'm voting for McCain and Ron Paul seems crazy," then do not take offense nor get upset. In fact, this is a great time to layout the facts, because now you can pull out your McCain media clippings and tattoo their brain with "Well, I'm sure Senator McCain is a fine man indeed, however, did you know that he himself even admitted that he needs to be more educated on the Economy?  That he really doesn't have a solution for fixing the economy, but rather is more likely to rely upon his advisors to fix the economy -- which is kind of like the whole Bush and Cheyney thing with foreign policy, and we all know how well that turned out. Plus, did you also know that he wants to leave the troops in Iraq, even if it takes up 100 years?

    Then use a rebuttal, such as "Yet Ron Paul wants to end the war in Iraq, aside from the fact that it's unconstitutional, the money we'd save would help bring the dollar back up and boost the economy."  I am sure you get the picture.

  4. NEVER go over your time limit to try to convince someone.

    You've got 60 seconds to lay it out there.  60 seconds is powerful and can really make someone more aware.  It's really all you need to start a discussion.  If you can't hold their interest in that time frame, then say "Thank you for your time and please visit the web site if you have more questions."  However, you'll soon realize that many people will actually start asking you questions regarding his campaign.  This is what you want and feel free to take as long as you need if this is the case -- but if you can't get that curiosity, then move along after 60 seconds.  You must remember, this is a numbers game -- the more people that know about Ron Paul, the better.  Don't waste time on people that don't care to listen. Keep it moving.

  5. ALWAYS be prepared.

    Have yourself a notebook of Ron Paul's policies. Have pamplets, the web site address on hand, Call4Paul phone numbers, etc. Know the issues that favor Ron Paul backwards and forwards. Have some information (ammo) on the other candidates running as well and include some rebuttals organized on notecards for certain issues.  Know this, people will likely ask you about certain issues or challenge you on other aspects that you may not have the answers to. If this is the case, then simply say "I don't have that information off hand, but any questions I cannot answer are availble on the web site." This information is important.  You cannot look like a salesman who's trying to sell them to Ron Paul -- or else your word means nothing.  Don't lie if you don't have all the answers -- just redirect them to a better source of information.

Now, as for WHO to approach, again it's debatable.  However, let me layout the statistics for you again and maybe this will help you make your decision.

Of the 142 million people who reported that they were registered to vote in 2004, Young adults constituted 13 percent of the total voting-age.  That's approximately 18.5 million voters.  In comparison, adults aged 55 and older composed 31 percent, which is approximately 44 million voters.  The average percentage of young voters is always around 8-14%, while the average percentage of older voters is always around 30-35%.  If you could persuade only 10% of the young voters to vote for Ron Paul, that would be 1.8 million voters.  That would be 1 out of every 10.  However, in comparison, you would only have to persuade 1 out of every 24 people when it comes to the older generation to get the same number of voters.  Sounds better, right?

So, in my opinion, it is best to go after the older generation of voters (55+).  It is what he is lacking in at this very moment.  So get out there and canvass!!

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

5 Reasons Why Ron Paul Won't Win

"This is the moment when Ron Paul stepped up and showed the difference between himself and the other candidates."

A recent quote from a fellow blogger about the video he posted on You Tube.  At the most recent CNN debates, or any other debate for that matter, we see a lot of this going on. Candidates are evading the issues and squabbling over past records, who changed their mind on certain issues, etc., while Ron Paul ONLY talks about the issues. It was obvious that CNN chose who they "want" the front runners to be, as Dr. Ron Paul and Governor Huckabee sat there with their hands pressed up against their foreheads, yawning and perhaps even wondering, "Why am I here?"  But alas, let it be said, the ONLY reason they were invited was because if they weren't, then all of their supporters would blog about CNN and how evil the are, etc.  And let's face it, they are getting tired of having to explain themselves to the Ron Paul support camp AGAIN, right?

Now, before we begin screaming and crying about how UNFAIR the media is, we need to analyze the reality of the situation.  CNN chose these two men to be the so called "front runners" because, quite frankly, there is no other reason to suspect otherwise, at least according to "voter turn out."  I mean, seriously, why waste time asking questions to the other two candidates that the majority of people could care less about?  The people have spoken thus far in the primaries held and they have chosen Senator McCain and Governor Romney as the front runners.  Yes, we can all complain about how the media influenced that decision by doing tons of interviews and free press coverage for these two candidates, blah, blah, blah -- but what's the point, as there are well over 100 million bloggers taking care of that right now as we speak.

No, I won't sit here and complain about it -- I will accept the fact that the good people of America truly have spoken -- not from what they don't know, but from they DO know. Aside from that, I too have spoken and what I did was make my vote count. I voted for Ron Paul in the primaries in Nevada, and I do support his message and his campaign obviously. But again, I know about him and his message -- which brings me to the conclusion that the tide has turned my friends, and the inevitable is about to come crashing down on all the RP supporters out there.  The simple truth is... it is apparent that there appears to be a lack of transitional commitment from the blogging world... to transform their passion for Ron Paul from the "Virtual World" to the "Real World." It's great that the supporters love to slap up You Tube videos and "spread the message" online, but isn't it obvious by now that it just isn't good enough anymore?  Are people really that misguided to think that our online invasion is working to help get him elected?

Folks, let's make something clear -- the well has gone dry and it's time to wake up and make one of two decisions:

  1. Commit to the campaign by canvassing or donating to organizations that will canvass for Ron Paul, like Operation Call4Paul. Phone calls do help and these people that make the calls need funding now to reach new voters. Being a precinct leader is a great option too -- because you can persuade MANY voters to swing their vote for Ron Paul.

  2. Or we can NOT COMMIT to the campaign by only continuing to blog or upload videos and watch our beloved candidate remain where he is... just another long shot.

Now don't get me wrong, blogging is still powerful and videos are too and I appreciate the support you have for him -- but they're not even close towards being enough to win, and it's getting more and more evident of that everyday. Doesn't anybody wonder why Ron Paul has such an enormous support group online, yet in the primaries, we are almost non-existent? So where are they? Where are the supporters on voting day? Are they lazy? Do they have to work? Do they think all they need to do is donate $5 to his campaign, blog about him, spread his message in emails, vote for online polls, hold up signs, chant his name, or upload every video known to man on You Tube? Is that it?

What is the reason for a poor turn out during voting? Maybe the reason his numbers are so small in reality is because many of his supporters are disillusioned by his online success? Meaning, his supporters can Google anywhere online and find Millions of articles, support, videos, online polls, etc. that display Ron Paul as having an enormous impact on the election and possibly winning every single debate, that they feel we are winning this battle? Perhaps we are fooling ourselves because we have raised more money than most other candidates, therefore we believe that MANY people must support Ron Paul?

The answer is complicated at best, but my conclusion is this... the Ron Paul supporters do show up and vote, but we are such a minority compared to the majority of other voters -- and THE MAJORITY OF OTHER VOTERS DO NOT GET THEIR INFORMATION ONLINE. That's right, and if you don't believe this, then you are in for a rude awakening.

But wait, what about all the blogs and youtube videos? Who are these people then and why are there so many? Pretty simple if you break it down by age group. Here are the results from the 2004 elections of REGISTERED VOTERS as provided by the US Census Bureau:

Of the 142 million people who reported that they were registered to vote, 16 million (12 percent) did not even vote in the 2004 presidential election. That is a very high number of non voters.  Young adults constituted 13 percent of the total voting-age citizen population in 2004 and 9 percent of the voting population. In comparison, adults aged 55 and older composed 31 percent of the voting-age citizen population and 35 percent of the population that voted in the presidential election. Now, we need to ask ourselves -- if 35 percent of the voters who actually show up and vote are aged 55 and over, wouldn't it also make sense to say that these same people don't surf the internet, or at least don't know how to use the internet as good as the younger generation?  Yes, I would say that is a fair assumption.  So where do they get their information from if not from the internet?  Simple... they get it from their friends, Talk Radio, the TV or the Newspaper...  a place where Ron Paul is severely lacking any kind of presence.

So what does all this have to do with why Ron Paul won't win? What are the 5 reasons you ask?  Simply put:

  1. Not enough media coverage,

  2. Which results in not enough exposure to the majority of voters,

  3. Which results in not enough REAL voter turn out,

  4. Which results in not enough wins,

  5. Which results in not enough delegates.

Now you good kind people can argue until you're blue in the face that Ron Paul will win no matter what -- but I am tired of your BS! Prove it to me by doing something about it rather than blog yet another message about how great he is and how he will win! Why are we telling each other this?  I know how great he is, you know how great he is and the Majority of Internet users know how great he is -- but that means nothing when WE ARE STILL THE MINORITY in the real voting world -- and the point is that the MAJORITY OF VOTERS don't know how great he is, and they never will by you or me blogging about it!

So I challenge all Ron Paul supporters to prove me wrong and join in the fight!  Not by writing or commenting or voicing your opinion about it in a blog, not by flooding online polls to make it look like Ron Paul won all the debates -- but by simply ACTING UPON YOUR PASSION IN THE REAL WORLD, NOT THE VIRTUAL WORLD.  Get out there and do something for REAL.  Enough with the typing -- the time has come to shift gears and take it to the streets, auditoriums and to the people outside of the internet! Get out there and canvass and really tell people about him.  Let them know who he is, what he stands for and why it is important, not only to you, but for our country.

Ron Paul can't be helped by the Media now -- it's too late for that.  They have made up their minds and any attempts at getting them to change it is futile at this point.  In the mean time, he can still pose a large threat without it (proof in my home state of Nevada) as long as we have people who are precinct leaders or organizations who are actually talking to people, canvassing and persuading the majority of voters.  I, myself, will continue to do so as well, as I have been doing all along.

Ron Paul has made it perfectly clear -- he has no intention of running as a third party candidate.  Don't speculate about the door being left wide open, nor presume to know him better than himself.  We can only go by what he says -- and his message says to us that THIS IS IT -- THE REPUBLICAN PRIMARY.  We have got to gain some ground before Feb 5th.  We need some kind of momentum -- a percentage that enters into the realm of 20% as an over all average for the 20 states.  Is this possible?  Yes.  Is this likely?  No... not unless we get people out there canvassing.

A brokered convention is a great plan no doubt and will likely happen, but don't sit around waiting for it to happen.  Help him help you! 

So, if you're serious about winning, then it's time to put up or shut up. Stop wasting time with BS attempts at "We need to send emails to Anderson Cooper for his rude behavior for treating Ron Paul."  Don't be stupid!  What we need to do is grab someone off the street and convince them to vote for Ron Paul.  Hurt them (the GOP and media) where it counts -- the votes!  That is the best way we can win now.

In an effort to prove how serious you are, ONLY DIGG THIS IF YOU'RE COMMITTED TOWARDS CANVASSING OR BEING A PRECINCT LEADER AND HAVE DECIDED TO VOW YOUR ALLEGIANCE.  We appreciate all the support from everyone else, but again, the time has now come for put up or shut up.  It will be interesting to see how many digg votes this page actually gets now.  DO NOT DIGG THIS IF YOU WON'T CANVASS OR BE A PRECINCT LEADER.  Don't flood Digg with wasted web pages -- they've already banned Ron Paul posts.

If you Digg this story, then you must also comment on the digg site WHAT you plan on doing to change this. This will not only prove your commitment, but it will genuinely separate you from the other people who still "think" having a substantial internet presence will put Ron Paul in the winner's circle.

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