Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ron Paul Supporters -- We're Still Here!


Super Tuesday turned out to be quite the spectacle, wouldn't you say? And if there is ANYTHING I have learned, it was that the MSM's (mainstream media) attempt at persuading the vote is NOT, and I repeat, NOT working! How do I know this? Isn't it obvious? Just look at Mike Huckabee.  Here's a guy who had very little media exposure and was also left out of the debates, right along side Congressman Paul.  Yes, sure, he had more media coverage than Ron Paul did, but it paled in comparison to McCain and Romney... speaking of which, Romney had a ton of media coverage.  As a matter of fact, just before Super Tuesday occurred, the MSM picked McCain and Romney to battle it out, and the only time they mentioned Huckabee's name was that he would likely pull votes from Romney's camp. Yet, here we are on Wednesday, and already the papers are screaming "Romney's Done!" or "McCain vs. Huckabee!"  What a difference a day makes, eh?

In evaluating all of this crap -- and that's exactly what it is, crap! -- one candidate still remains unvarnished... untouched by the media because, quite frankly, he's invisible to them. That candidate is Ron Paul. Is it bad that they are ignoring him?  Does it hurt his campaign? After the results of last night from what they were reporting, I am sure some of you might be thinking it was a good thing that they didn't mention his name once, right?  Yet in the midst of it all, I realized something -- the media is VERY SUCCESSFUL at creating NAY SAYERS stirring up the camp -- whether it's intentional or not.  Some of us are really buying into it as well.


Don't play into the game of the Ron Paul nay sayers.  Just look at the facts -- we need delegates to win the nomination.  If you want to help keep the movement alive, then just keep getting delegates, become a delegate, signup as a precinct leader, canvass and get people to vote for you!  This race isn't over yet -- I didn't hear there was a winner declared, did you?  Front runner, front runner, front runner -- yada yada yada!  Hmmm, let me see.. wasn't Giuliani a front runner at some point?  Remember him? They (the MSM) have been saying that for weeks -- and you know what, they keep getting it wrong because the people ARE DIFFERENT this time around, thanks to Ron Paul.  They won't let the media influence their vote.

Another point I want to mention was last night on CNN, Larry King actually got it right and started asking the right questions.  He asked a fellow political analyst, "I understand all this stuff that's going on -- but isn't it all about the delegates? Aren't they in control of who gets the nomination? And if yes, then who's really winning?"  The analyst replied, "Yes, that's true -- it's all about the delegates, but we have no idea what those numbers actually are because many will cast their real vote in the summer time.

Larry replied, "So it's fair to say that a lot can change between now and then, right?"  The analyst said, "Yes Larry, you are correct. From what we've seen thus far, it appears a lot can change if nobody can lock up the number of wins.  McCain has a lead, but he didn't really put anyone away.  It is apparent that one of the candidates needs to drop out if the GOP wants a decisive winner."

We need to stick together.  We can speak about our ideas, but let's do it with class rather than scream and blame the campaign for your disappointment. Don't start screaming TROLL at every person who has an idea different from your own -- and don't start screaming FLAGGERS if your ideas don't fly to well and your posts get deleted.  We must respect the property rights of the forum owners, and it's their right to do as they wish, not ours.  For us, it is simply a privilege to participate in their forums.  And if you are that passionate, then get a blog and get it out there -- like me.  My blog is only a week old and I get over 3000 visitors per day. Not sure how that happened -- but from my guess, it's because the revolution is everywhere.  So don't worry - you'll be heard!

In my opinion, Grassroots is doing an amazing job.  If you think you can raise more money then do it, but Ron Paul is OUR CANDIDATE, not yours alone; and as such, we have decided to support him based on his ideals, his message for freedom and his run for candidacy.  He represents us, but is in charge of his own candidacy.  We have placed our trust in him.  He does not wish (at this point) to run for a third party nomination, he has made that perfectly clear.  You can debate it all you want, send him an email and inform Grassroots about your beef with the way things are done; but the end result is, HE IS IN CHARGE.  It's his campaign -- and some can continue to support it (as I do and will) and some can go their separate ways.  But do not think for one second that HE OWES YOU ANYTHING -- he doesn't owe anybody a thing.  Because the truth is, right from the start we knew... that it was US who owed... WE OWED IT TO OURSELVES TO VOTE FOR HIM.

As a matter of fact, I'm really glad this happened!  Because now I'm mad as hell and now it is the time for us bitch-slap America and send the message "WE'RE STILL HERE!!"

I ask that all Ron Paul supporters unite and CELEBRATE!!  We don't need a money bomb to raise money -- we need to send a message to the world -- and it needs to be today, the day AFTER super Tuesday! 

Donate at least $10 today.  Just send $10 (no more, no less) to let Ron Paul know WE'RE STILL HERE!!  If all the supporters did this, it would send an amazing message to him and let him know that we're still here, that Super Tuesday didn't hide us in the shadows of defeat, but rather, raised us up in a moment of darkness!  $10 x 100,000 supporters = $1,000,000!  We have a lot more than 100,000 supporters -- so FIGHT DAMMIT!

I am sick of the all crap -- all of us turning against each other!  I am donating now!  How about you?!!





Anonymous said...

We (Wife and I) donated 12.50 each.

*Smile* $25.00 for Dr. Paul!

Anonymous said...

At first I was like "oh no, not another money bomb!" but then I realized it was only $10 and I can afford that! I'm donating now! I'm still here too.

notover said...

I'm still here, and I'm not going anywhere. $10.00 is nothing for freedom. If I have to give give give till I have no more to give; I'll still find a different way to give. I believe in the message. Nothing worthwhile just happens we have to work for it and work for it, I will. I Love my country, and I want it back. Thank you Mr.Paul for being the one who is willing to be our voice.

BarbG said...

I donated my 10.00 today. I won't quit on Dr. Paul, if he doesn't quit on us. I've never respected a man more for his integrity and patiotism. GO RON PAUL!!!

Anonymous said...

Still here. Still here. Still here. No matter WHAT happens this year, I can look at my children (who are sitting with me right now) and tell them that we are part of something important. We are part of something that is bigger than a candidate, bigger than a campaign, bigger than an office. So yeah, STILL HERE.

taliesin said...

I'm in.
Thanks for the inspiration, I was felling a bit down with all the madness - "economy the #1 issue", and yet they vote for McPain.
Keep it going, this is way too important to give up.

MFTO said...

The first thing I did when I got up this morning was give $17.76 as a statement to HQ that they still have at least one foot soldier ready to serve. Plus I spend three hours working my precinct (in Washington State). Handing out DVDs, slim jims, and a bunch of materials.

When the Barack voters get slammed, we'll be ready to embrace them with open arms.

Anonymous said...

Just left 10 dollars. Yes we are still in this for the long haul! An American who is sick of the current corrupted system here!

Ryan said...

I am already maxed out and donated several hundred more dollars to grassroot campaigns. At some point I have to stop paying as well. I also did precinct walks etc. What did all other of my friends do? Just talk and do nothing!

I do want to say this: I would give something like $30/month for supporting the cause, and because I enjoy hearing the message. It's almost like a movie channel. I would also think it would be reasonable to cancel my cable TV for that. Especially after how they treat Ron Paul.

So if there is ever a concerted effort involving Ron Paul, I would get a paid membership.

My last comment: We should also support Ron Paul's message in action. Lot's of supporters still don't get the message of the Federal Reserve and still own depreciating dollars. Shame on you! Sell dollars and buy precious metals, commodities, foreign investments...

Jordan said...

I donated my $51 on Feb. 3rd and now I'll donate $10 today.

RP gets 10% of my income per month on top of all the request here and there and the cash donations at groups.

To me its and investment on many levels.

CUBAN said...

I just donate,will sleep better.No excuses,no bad feeling the cause need money.Paul need a push.

Run Paul run!!!!!

Cuban americans for Ron PAUL.