Thursday, January 31, 2008

5 Reasons Why Ron Paul Won't Win

"This is the moment when Ron Paul stepped up and showed the difference between himself and the other candidates."

A recent quote from a fellow blogger about the video he posted on You Tube.  At the most recent CNN debates, or any other debate for that matter, we see a lot of this going on. Candidates are evading the issues and squabbling over past records, who changed their mind on certain issues, etc., while Ron Paul ONLY talks about the issues. It was obvious that CNN chose who they "want" the front runners to be, as Dr. Ron Paul and Governor Huckabee sat there with their hands pressed up against their foreheads, yawning and perhaps even wondering, "Why am I here?"  But alas, let it be said, the ONLY reason they were invited was because if they weren't, then all of their supporters would blog about CNN and how evil the are, etc.  And let's face it, they are getting tired of having to explain themselves to the Ron Paul support camp AGAIN, right?

Now, before we begin screaming and crying about how UNFAIR the media is, we need to analyze the reality of the situation.  CNN chose these two men to be the so called "front runners" because, quite frankly, there is no other reason to suspect otherwise, at least according to "voter turn out."  I mean, seriously, why waste time asking questions to the other two candidates that the majority of people could care less about?  The people have spoken thus far in the primaries held and they have chosen Senator McCain and Governor Romney as the front runners.  Yes, we can all complain about how the media influenced that decision by doing tons of interviews and free press coverage for these two candidates, blah, blah, blah -- but what's the point, as there are well over 100 million bloggers taking care of that right now as we speak.

No, I won't sit here and complain about it -- I will accept the fact that the good people of America truly have spoken -- not from what they don't know, but from they DO know. Aside from that, I too have spoken and what I did was make my vote count. I voted for Ron Paul in the primaries in Nevada, and I do support his message and his campaign obviously. But again, I know about him and his message -- which brings me to the conclusion that the tide has turned my friends, and the inevitable is about to come crashing down on all the RP supporters out there.  The simple truth is... it is apparent that there appears to be a lack of transitional commitment from the blogging world... to transform their passion for Ron Paul from the "Virtual World" to the "Real World." It's great that the supporters love to slap up You Tube videos and "spread the message" online, but isn't it obvious by now that it just isn't good enough anymore?  Are people really that misguided to think that our online invasion is working to help get him elected?

Folks, let's make something clear -- the well has gone dry and it's time to wake up and make one of two decisions:

  1. Commit to the campaign by canvassing or donating to organizations that will canvass for Ron Paul, like Operation Call4Paul. Phone calls do help and these people that make the calls need funding now to reach new voters. Being a precinct leader is a great option too -- because you can persuade MANY voters to swing their vote for Ron Paul.

  2. Or we can NOT COMMIT to the campaign by only continuing to blog or upload videos and watch our beloved candidate remain where he is... just another long shot.

Now don't get me wrong, blogging is still powerful and videos are too and I appreciate the support you have for him -- but they're not even close towards being enough to win, and it's getting more and more evident of that everyday. Doesn't anybody wonder why Ron Paul has such an enormous support group online, yet in the primaries, we are almost non-existent? So where are they? Where are the supporters on voting day? Are they lazy? Do they have to work? Do they think all they need to do is donate $5 to his campaign, blog about him, spread his message in emails, vote for online polls, hold up signs, chant his name, or upload every video known to man on You Tube? Is that it?

What is the reason for a poor turn out during voting? Maybe the reason his numbers are so small in reality is because many of his supporters are disillusioned by his online success? Meaning, his supporters can Google anywhere online and find Millions of articles, support, videos, online polls, etc. that display Ron Paul as having an enormous impact on the election and possibly winning every single debate, that they feel we are winning this battle? Perhaps we are fooling ourselves because we have raised more money than most other candidates, therefore we believe that MANY people must support Ron Paul?

The answer is complicated at best, but my conclusion is this... the Ron Paul supporters do show up and vote, but we are such a minority compared to the majority of other voters -- and THE MAJORITY OF OTHER VOTERS DO NOT GET THEIR INFORMATION ONLINE. That's right, and if you don't believe this, then you are in for a rude awakening.

But wait, what about all the blogs and youtube videos? Who are these people then and why are there so many? Pretty simple if you break it down by age group. Here are the results from the 2004 elections of REGISTERED VOTERS as provided by the US Census Bureau:

Of the 142 million people who reported that they were registered to vote, 16 million (12 percent) did not even vote in the 2004 presidential election. That is a very high number of non voters.  Young adults constituted 13 percent of the total voting-age citizen population in 2004 and 9 percent of the voting population. In comparison, adults aged 55 and older composed 31 percent of the voting-age citizen population and 35 percent of the population that voted in the presidential election. Now, we need to ask ourselves -- if 35 percent of the voters who actually show up and vote are aged 55 and over, wouldn't it also make sense to say that these same people don't surf the internet, or at least don't know how to use the internet as good as the younger generation?  Yes, I would say that is a fair assumption.  So where do they get their information from if not from the internet?  Simple... they get it from their friends, Talk Radio, the TV or the Newspaper...  a place where Ron Paul is severely lacking any kind of presence.

So what does all this have to do with why Ron Paul won't win? What are the 5 reasons you ask?  Simply put:

  1. Not enough media coverage,

  2. Which results in not enough exposure to the majority of voters,

  3. Which results in not enough REAL voter turn out,

  4. Which results in not enough wins,

  5. Which results in not enough delegates.

Now you good kind people can argue until you're blue in the face that Ron Paul will win no matter what -- but I am tired of your BS! Prove it to me by doing something about it rather than blog yet another message about how great he is and how he will win! Why are we telling each other this?  I know how great he is, you know how great he is and the Majority of Internet users know how great he is -- but that means nothing when WE ARE STILL THE MINORITY in the real voting world -- and the point is that the MAJORITY OF VOTERS don't know how great he is, and they never will by you or me blogging about it!

So I challenge all Ron Paul supporters to prove me wrong and join in the fight!  Not by writing or commenting or voicing your opinion about it in a blog, not by flooding online polls to make it look like Ron Paul won all the debates -- but by simply ACTING UPON YOUR PASSION IN THE REAL WORLD, NOT THE VIRTUAL WORLD.  Get out there and do something for REAL.  Enough with the typing -- the time has come to shift gears and take it to the streets, auditoriums and to the people outside of the internet! Get out there and canvass and really tell people about him.  Let them know who he is, what he stands for and why it is important, not only to you, but for our country.

Ron Paul can't be helped by the Media now -- it's too late for that.  They have made up their minds and any attempts at getting them to change it is futile at this point.  In the mean time, he can still pose a large threat without it (proof in my home state of Nevada) as long as we have people who are precinct leaders or organizations who are actually talking to people, canvassing and persuading the majority of voters.  I, myself, will continue to do so as well, as I have been doing all along.

Ron Paul has made it perfectly clear -- he has no intention of running as a third party candidate.  Don't speculate about the door being left wide open, nor presume to know him better than himself.  We can only go by what he says -- and his message says to us that THIS IS IT -- THE REPUBLICAN PRIMARY.  We have got to gain some ground before Feb 5th.  We need some kind of momentum -- a percentage that enters into the realm of 20% as an over all average for the 20 states.  Is this possible?  Yes.  Is this likely?  No... not unless we get people out there canvassing.

A brokered convention is a great plan no doubt and will likely happen, but don't sit around waiting for it to happen.  Help him help you! 

So, if you're serious about winning, then it's time to put up or shut up. Stop wasting time with BS attempts at "We need to send emails to Anderson Cooper for his rude behavior for treating Ron Paul."  Don't be stupid!  What we need to do is grab someone off the street and convince them to vote for Ron Paul.  Hurt them (the GOP and media) where it counts -- the votes!  That is the best way we can win now.

In an effort to prove how serious you are, ONLY DIGG THIS IF YOU'RE COMMITTED TOWARDS CANVASSING OR BEING A PRECINCT LEADER AND HAVE DECIDED TO VOW YOUR ALLEGIANCE.  We appreciate all the support from everyone else, but again, the time has now come for put up or shut up.  It will be interesting to see how many digg votes this page actually gets now.  DO NOT DIGG THIS IF YOU WON'T CANVASS OR BE A PRECINCT LEADER.  Don't flood Digg with wasted web pages -- they've already banned Ron Paul posts.

If you Digg this story, then you must also comment on the digg site WHAT you plan on doing to change this. This will not only prove your commitment, but it will genuinely separate you from the other people who still "think" having a substantial internet presence will put Ron Paul in the winner's circle.

Don't forget the Money Bomb on February 1st! We need it now more than ever!  Only $51 per person -- we can raise $5,000,000 in time for Super Tuesday!

Ron Paul Massive Money Bomb Day for 51 Years of Marriage


Anonymous said...

Whom can argue over your logic, when you are right, you are right. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Amen, brother. But as one who has been out canvassing for weeks,and has also recently signed on to be a Precinct Leader I fear that overall it is too little, too late. Should have been done at least a month ago if not before. At least 85% of the people I visit in evenings have their TV set on, and that is where they get most of their info. Canvassing is at least somewhat antidotal, but again we'll see if we can do enough in the four (4) days before Super Tuesday to have any real effect. And, it'll take that long just to do the initial voter ID calls to all the registered voters in my precinct--no time for follow-up calls with undecideds. Sigh. Well, we shall see.

Anonymous said...

"I fear that overall it is too little, too late."

Yes, I know -- but if (and this is a BIG if) we could hit that goal of precinct leaders by Feb 5th, then things would change significantly. We must remember, there are still around 20 more states voting after Super Tuesday. Hope is not lost as long as other supporters really hold to their word and become precinct leaders or canvass.

Thanks for everyone working hard on the campaign!

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone ignore the vote fraud in NH? People just seem to accept it like, Oh well those silly politicians do it every year so I guess its okay if they do it to Dr. Paul...
WAKE UP PEOPLE this whole things a sham.
The media blackout alone is enough to keep him from getting elected sadly. Add that to the DIEBOLD machines and we are screwed. That said I am very close to maxing out my donations and have been trying to get the message out since I heard it months ago because this is about the message of freedom and to wake people up to the corruption around us.
Then again, what do I know.

Anonymous said...

"Why does everyone ignore the vote fraud in NH?

Because Many do not care! We love your passion to exploit the truth, but right now we don't have time for that. We NEED TO FOCUS ON RON PAUL WINNING! He will be the voice in office that the people will listen to when it comes to the sham -- not yours or mine.

So do the right thing -- stay focused! Concentrate on Ron Paul and help get him elected. You're wasting time and energy on a cause that will take too much time to wake others up to. In due time, the people will know -- but until then, CANVASS!!

If you truly believe in Ron Paul, you will not upset the flow his campaign is trying to accomplish -- and this goes for everyone. Please canvass on the issues at hand to get him elected.


P.S. -- Thanks for donating, you rock!