Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Ron Paul "digg-like" Social Media Site

With so many people blogging and posting about the best candidate for President, Ron Paul, you'd think that many people would catch on as to who he is or what he stands for. Shockingly though, there are MANY who still do not know who he is due to media blackout. This is why his revolution is spreading like a virus on the internet, because it's the only medium his supporters have towards getting the word out.

Now even internet sites are starting to blacklist any posting or endorsement of Ron Paul. The reasoning of why doesn't matter -- what does matter is that we continue to push on and dig a trench so deep, that nobody can stop this revolution, no matter how hard they try. And as such, there are always new sites popping up left and right to do just that -- enter A great site devoted to Ron Paul and all of his media, articles, etc. to help everyone get access to information about his campaign.

This is a very cool site, especially now since Digg kind of banned Ron Paul articles, etc. from reaching the front page. It's a great place to keep all the Ron Paul stuff in a central location, while spreading the word about his message! Check it out.

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